Delightful lakeside promenades are available for those who love peaceful walks. The enchanting promenade in Varenna is very well known and renowned; it unwinds amidst houses, villas, gardens and shops from the lovely wharf to the Olivedo pier, is suspended over the water and is a charming, romantic and regular desination for sweethearts.

Many little alleys from the adjacent small old village emerge along the charming lakeside promenade in Bellano connecting the lido area with the pier. Ther is a pretty lakeside promenade in Dervio (one of the longest in the Lario region).

There is also a charateristic promenade betweenCorenno adn Dorio, lined with plane-trees and offering a fabulous view of the lake.


  • Hike along the paths of our mountains… hundreds of kilometres of trails and paths that cross the territory. From the famous peaks of the Grigne and Resegone, “open-air gyms” for the greatest alpinists and climbers of the past, to the recently requalified “Sentiero del Viandante” (Wayfarer’s Path), along which it is possible to walk along the antique commercial ways, admiring unique views over Lake Como, plus all the paths immersed in the green of the Valsassina, Val d’Esino and Valvarrone areas, and those further south around the hills of Brianza such as the hill of Montevecchia and the San Genesio.
  • Climb the rock… put yourself to the test on one of the rock walls that characterize the mountains around Lecco which beckon enthusiasts from all over the world for their majesty and complexity.