Welcome to Bellagio, a beautiful town half way down the two legs of Lake Como, surrounded by green mountains, blue water and calm skies, it’s the place that Stendhal called an outstanding landscape in Italy.

The charming town was originally a Roman settlement, then it became fortified with walls in Longobard time, and in the period of medieval communes time was Como’s enemy.

For many centuries it was feud of several noble families: in 1492 it belong to the Stanga, after it passed to the Sfrondati and in 1647 to the Airoldi. These and other families built lovely villas and beautiful buildings surrounded by beautiful parks, renewed in the 18th century.


Welcome to Bellano, on the eastern shore of Lake Como, at the foot of the mountain Muggio and the river Pioverna, we find this old village surrounded by a lovely landscape and characterized by beautiful lakeside walks. Walk along the lakefront, arrive at the little square of the port and enter the old town centre.

Tight alleys where hardly the sun filters, medieval houses, arches that date back to the 17th century and Baroque courts until you reach the old town centre where you can admire the church of Santi Nazzaro e Celsio of the third century, with a nice rose window and frescos from the Lombard school.

From the old town centre go up until you find the spot where the Pioverna stream forms the Orrido, a gorge dug in the rocks, formed more than 15 million years ago and in the past used to exploit to iron. Today it can be visited passing through narrow hanging passages.


Welcome to Cernobbio, renowed international holiday resort on the shores of Lake Como, at the foot of Monte Bisbino, is famous for its magnificent villas.

Villa d’Este, overlooking the lake, was the residence of the Princess of Wales, Caroline of Brunswick, in the 16th century, and now it is turned into a luxurious hotel with a magnificent furniture and a wonderful garden.Another prominent villa is Villa Erba, dated back to the 18th century. The famous director, Luchino Visconti stayed here, as the villa became the customary residence his mother Carla Erba.

Today it has become a multipurpose centre for various events and congresses, and still keeps its sumptuous rooms and its elegant park.Walk along Cernobbio’s waterfront to discover all the villas.


Dervio is located on the peninsula of Dervio jutting out into the waters of Lake Como.

Thanks to its natural and artistic attractions and to recent interventions on its infrastructures, Dervio has become an important tourist destination on Lake Como.

Dervio is excellent to practice water sports due to its constantly airy position on the lake and the mountains surrounding the town are perfect for hiking in uncontamined environments and offer charming views.

This town is very active and has many entertaining events and initiatives for its inhabitants and tourists.


Welcome to Menaggio, ancient village on Lake Como, that once was a merchant village, situated in a crucial position at the mouth of Menaggina Valley, that joins the Lario with Ceresio. Now it is a well-equipped touristy resort that offers a mild climate with a beautiful view over the lake and a typical dock.

The old city centre is divided in an upper part, characterized by medieval alleys, and a low part, overlooking the lake, that represents the touristy area with an nineteenth architectural elements.

Walk along via Calvi, go pass the church of Santa Maria and admire the beautiful Santo Stefano, with the bell-tower and the frescoes by Tagliaferro, then go up the Castle hill where you can see the remains of the ancient walls and visit the church of San Carlo.


Welcome to Varenna, situated on Lecco’s shore between Mandello and Bellano, this ancient village overlooks the lake in the point where the three branches meet and for this reason Varenna is linked well to the major resorts on the opposite shore.

Varenna is built on a promontory near the mouth of the river Esino and it could have been a settlement dating back to the Iron Age. Varenna is a charming town, made of narrow alleys that descend to the lake, ancient houses and porches along the lake.

What once was a village that lived on fishing and on the extraction of the popular black marble, today has become an important tourist congressional resort.